Why Us?
  Biofuel Research Pte Ltd was started in June 2003 with the aim of bringing and providing biodiesel to Singapore.

Since then, the venture has proven more difficult than our expectation. Among all things, Singapore is a pragmatic place which emphasises more on bread and butter issues than the environment or health.

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The Environment
  Everyday, millions of tons of greenhouse gas are emitted into our atmosphere from our consumption of fuel refined from crude oil. Scientists have forecasted our temperature to rise by 3 deg C in the next 50 years. This in turn will have devastating effects such as melting of polar caps, increased sea level, heatwaves, droughts and severe winters.  
What Is BioFuel?
  Biofuels are organic fuels made from plants and vegetables such as soya bean, corn, palm, sugar cane. As they take in carbon dioxide from our air in making these biofuels, they do not contribute to greenhouse gases and global warming.

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